Geddy’s Moon by John Mulhall ~ A Book Review

I never had an intention to write a book review. Until I read Geddy’s Moon. Granted, it is not in my specific genre but that is completely irrelevant in this case. As a soon- to-be self-published indie author, I’ve come to the conclusion that writing a book review for stories that deeply move me will be in order. And most importantly, indie authors MUST support each other. Writing reviews and Word-of-Mouth is our livelihood.

Geddy's Moon

Back in December of last year, I connected with John through Twitter. I read the prologue and the first chapter of Geddy’s Moon which was a free sneak peek at the time. The prologue alone was more than enough to pull me in, give me chills and go right into the first chapter. To make a long story short, it was Christmas and I got distracted by my own stuff and never bought the book in full to finish it.


A week ago John promoted the book on Amazon as a freebie for 3 days. I was all over that. When it was free at the stroke of midnight, I grabbed it on my Kindle app and started reading….and I didn’t stop. I’m sort of a slow reader. I like to read over things a time or two, digest it, feel it, be in it. I’ve seen so many people pick up a book and flip through in 2 hours and they’re done!!! Never understood that. I like to take my time and savor every morsel like a chocolate chip cookie.

under bridge

I held my phone and read it while switching the laundry. I gripped my gosh darn phone and read it while cleaning the kitchen, pulling cookies out of the oven, sitting on the porcelain express, and at times I found myself pacing the floor, with phont in hand, because I just couldn’t bring myself to sit down and relax. Geddy’s Moon is that good.


A few chapters pumped me so full of energy I had to stop and find a treadmill. One chapter broke my heart and made me cry. My eyes were wide open throughout the entire book. I was in a constant state of “OH…MY…GOSH.”

tree shadow

Geddy’s Moon is a horror or a paranormal thriller, if you will. It’s by no means a gore/slasher/take-you-to-the-depths-of-Hell type book. In many ways I find it similar to such moving stories like Poltergeist (my favorite horror film), IT and The Sixth Sense; where it’s not just about the scare factor or the underlying ancient mystery of the plot. It’s about the family, the friends, the richness of each character and what they must endure and overcome. It’s about the fight between good and evil. It’s about how the bad guy can only push the good guy so far. And ultimately, it’s about how power, domination, revenge and cold-blooded needless murder is just flat out not cool.

tree decay

By the 3rd day I was finished. Regrettably. I didn’t want it to end. There was so much more story to be told and frankly, I believe the author did that on purpose. For the following few days I was in a book coma and questions kept popping in my head like, “Wait, what about that one thing?!” and “How did that happen?” and “What’s gonna happen if so and so does that?!

So… Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you one of the best new authors of 2013. Immerse youself in the mysterious splendor as Geddy’s Moon effortlessly adds itself to literature’s beloved American novels, bypassing today’s pop culture mediocrity of Stephanie Meyer and E.L. James. John Mulhall joins the ranks of great storytellers such as Stephen King, Neil Gaiman and yes, I’m going to say it, Steven Spielberg.

A good story is more than just a great plot with unpredictable twists and turns. A good story will bring you into each page and force you to care about the characters in such a way that makes you want to reach in and hug them or shout at them in anger. A good story makes you want to linger on each sentence, each paragraph, leaving you apprehensive about turning the next page. A good story not only keeps you on the edge of your seat at times and neglecting your life, but it also conjures up feelings in such a way where you must pause and stare out the window in contemplation. A good story leaves you in a trance for days as if all those written experiences just happened to you. For the mind can’t distinguish what is reality and what is imagined. The mind only processes the images you give it. Therefore making the emotional reactions very real.

And that is what John Mulhall does in his breathtaking debut novel. You will be there at the side of each character – good and evil. You will feel the pull of the moon and all it’s power. And you will be there in the audience, shoving popcorn in your mouth… entranced by this timeless adventure when it is portrayed on the silver screen.

John Mulhall

(Nature photos by Gerry Fig)


An Effortless Romance


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You touch my shoulder as a gentleman should, guiding me to my seat.

The chivalry you demonstrate makes my heart skip a beat.

You ask me if I’d like a glass of wine to drink.

I say, “No, thank you, I need my mind to properly think.”

You smile at me, listen to me, your attentiveness belongs to me.

I stumble with words and pause akwardly, though eloquent I know I can be.

My giggles and loud laughter is what you are truly after.

I let go and laugh at your silliness; my interest you capture.

This night of dinner and banter effortlessly carries on.

What we don’t know is that in a few hours it will be dawn.

Your newly purchased candles have melted down and you look at the time.

I smile at your reaction and assure you it is more than fine.

The man that you are has generously offered his bed.

While you sleep on your couch to toss and turn instead.

If you only knew how much I have fallen for you after these several hours.

You might offer me your confession of desire that enchantment empowers.

Although, we have barely just met and unveiled our mystery.

We both know this will last due to our undeniable chemistry.

Breakfast has passed and I thank you for your hospitality.

Your gratitude for my company exudes your masculinity.

You walk me to my car with not a word to say.

I turn to see the look in your eyes are begging me to stay. 

I reach out and embrace you like I’ve wanted since the day we met. 

You pull back and kiss me so passionately, so wet.

Our kiss lasts forever it seems

You taste like the man of my dreams

Before we know it we are back in your home

Making love like animals is our true and obvious comfort zone.

Days pass and the weeks fly by.

I am your woman and you are my guy.

Our connection is strong and the romance is growing. 

Our dreams of companionship, intimacy and love is our knowing. 

It is in this poem that I have created you; this perfect man of mine.

For in my heart I believe and trust I’ll manifest you very soon in time.

angel love

My 1st Elephant Journal Article!!!

This is my first article ever published. I love writing. It feels wonderful to write something I’m proud of and know that others appreciate it as well.

Expect more from me, my readers. I am new to this path but it’s the path I have chosen and my intentions are to keep going.

My goal is to have up to 1,000 views on this article. Any tweets, reblogs or fb posts would be greatly appreciated and I, in turn, will promote you as well. Just ask what you’d like promoted and I’m on it.

Enjoy, my friends! 🙂

The Sensual Senses

Carrie Wilkinson

Photo taken by: ~ Gerry Fig ~

Erotic Song of the Week

When I first heard this song I thought I was listening to some old school goth from the 80’s.  Turns out it was brand new music. Being a fan, I fell in love immediately. After I heard the song, I knew I had to get the entire album immediately. And it delivered.

This song is about a crush. A crush…quickly turning into raging lust.

Have you ever felt this way??

“Either way he wanted her and this was bad
Wanted to do things to her it was making him crazy
Now a little crush turned into a like
And now he wants to grab her by the hair and tell her

  I want to hold you close
Skin pressed against me tight
Lie still, and close your eyes girl
So lovely, it feels so right

I want to hold you close
Soft breath, beating heart
As I whisper in your ear
I wanna fucking tear you apart”

She Wants Revenge – Tear You Apart

The Beauty and Intrigue of Sexual Solitude


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Sexual Solitude.

What do I mean by this? The words speak for themselves. I am not alone or in actual physical solitude by any means. I wouldn’t call myself lonely, although I do love “going it alone” and being a “loner.” I equally enjoy being alone as much as I enjoy being around people.

During all my travels in 2012 to San Francisco, Maui, Utah, North Carolina and Louisiana, I took great pleasure in going solo; walking alone through Haight & Ashbury area; mellowing out by the beach for hours absorping the sights, sounds and sand; hiking up a mountain to watch the sunset; roaming a 4 day art/music festival by myself; taking daily walks in the country and spending hours in my room writing a book; I have grown to love my own company. Solitude is a favorite passtime.

My main philosophy in life is that humans are here for each other. We exist to love, share and experience an array of events with other humans, especially sex – my personal favorite. Humans and animals aren’t designed for permanant solitude, otherwise we would die off in a matter of 50-80 years. (just a guess) Solitude is merely a small part of life. It’s inevitable. We all need it regardless if we like it or not. The Universe has a way of giving a person their “alone time”.  Men love their caves and guess what….so do us women.

If solitude is a necessary part of life; to decompress, de-stress, meditate, talk to God, recharge our battery, gather our thoughts, enjoy the silence and think of nothing, catch up on sleep, work, create, etc; then perhaps this would suggest that not having sexual interaction with another is just as necessary.

I am a woman who loves love. Pleasure, joy, comfort are all reasons to live. Marriage, relationships, lovers, heck even casual booty calls, are wonderful and I have delighted in all those things.

In complete unabashed honesty, I have settled more often for the casual sexual relationship for my own personal reasons – no regrets. Each person we encounter is a teacher and I have gained not only pleasure in those relationships but, most importantly, wisdom.

So after all the fun has been had, the time comes when a person needs to feel a deep connection. Once in a great while, you meet someone. One fine day a person finds themselves just as drawn to you as you are to them allowing real intimacy to begin and it is nothing less than sheer heaven. That heavenly connection is the ultimate link to the Divine. How I long to feel and experience this.

And now I arrive to my initial message……

Many moons have passed since I had the pleasure of making sweet love to someone. As weeks pass, my emotional sexual well-being has fluctuated from turmoil to complacency, tears to apathy, fantasizing to writing about it, longing daydreams to anger, erotic photo exchange between my long-distance lover to completely distancing myself out of frustration, and from frequent masturbation to not touching myself for weeks at a time.

As much as I dislike not having a permanant lover in my daily life, today is the day I must accept that there is beauty in it. If I love being solo in my daily activities, then I must learn to love my present reality of sexual solitude.

The beauty and intrigue lie within the fantasies, the yearning, the wishing, the creating the ideal love in which to attract, the sexual self-discovery of the mind/body/spirit…need I go on?

I write this not only to comfort myself but to comfort many others who feel as I do.

We all want a partner who gets us, desires us. We all want someone to love and to receive love from as well. In the meantime, as we wait for the Divine Universe to present that magical person to us, I suggest we love and honor our sexual solitude.

Hope is an emotion worth getting lost in.

beach alone

Somebody to Love – Queen


Erotic Song of the Week

My dear readers,

I have already shared with you 2 sensual songs by men, Bruce Springsteen and Leonard Cohen. Now allow me to introduce to you my Goddess. A Goddess of Song.

~~~Lisa Gerrard~~~

lisa gerrard

Many of you have already heard her voice and don’t even know it.

In 1981, she collaborated with Brenden Perry and formed the world music group Dead Can Dance. Together they created albums ranging in sounds from African, Middle Eastern, Gaelic, Gregorian, etc. They have sung in several different languages and use instruments from bones and skin of animals and performing songs that have been long forgotten. Hence, the name – Dead Can Dance.

Lisa went on to sing and compose scores. You have heard her voice in films like:

Heat, The Insider, Gladiator (in which she won a Golden Globe), Whale Rider (a personal favorite), Mission: Impossible II, Ali, Tears of the Sun, The Mist, Man on Fire and many others. She has worked with the Oscar nominated composer Hans Zimmer on several fims.

You would never guess a voice like hers could come from a gentle, soft spoken woman such as herself. Her range is out of this world, angelic and heavenly. She can use her lower register and her highest…leaving you in wonder that that is in fact the same woman singing all those different songs.

My favorite song of hers  – Sanvean: I am your shadow –  released in 1994. This song is popular for it’s solemn and melancholy sound. It has been used by many for funerals and weddings..and has also been inserted into several film soundtracks. In 2001, Sarah Brightman recorded her own version of the song. To me this song is erotic, sensual, full of love and power. I cry almost every time I hear it. The emotion of this song can be interepreted in so many ways. I like turning off the lights, lighting a candle and turning up the volume as loud as I can. My fantasy is to make love to this song on repeat…one day I hope to fullfill that.

You may wonder what language she is speaking. The answer is….hers. Lisa is known to sing in her own form, her own shapes, her soul is crying out and this is what it sounds like…..

   ~~~~Lisa Gerrard~~~~Sanvean: I am your shadow~~~~

Life Should Be Erotic


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Life should be erotic. Life should be a sensual experience. Not just when having sex but each day can be a delight. Because why not? What else are we here for?

We wake up in the morning and drink our coffee. Let the aroma and taste of the coffee beans mixed with cream liven your senses. Feel the yumminess on your taste buds and let it’s soothing decadence slide down your throat. Be grateful for it.

We take our showers and baths daily. Allow yourself to take notice of the water on your naked skin. Feel your skin…how it awakens the electrical impulses between your body and your fingertips. The epidermis is the largest organ on your body. It senses, it communicates with your brain. Apply lotion or oil after you dry off. Be good to it…it’s the only skin you’ll ever have. Treat yourself to a massage! Humans need contact with other humans. Kiss and hug your loved ones. Give them affection and in turn receive affection. Love your body. Be grateful for it.

Get some fresh air. Inhale and exhale with a deep awareness that you are alive and your lungs work only to serve you. The blood needs oxygen. Give your cells what they need. Listen to the trees and leaves sway in the wind. Hear the sounds of the birds, the dogs in the distance, the voices of passerbys, even the tires of the cars that pass. Tune in to what’s around you. The world is a living presence. Be in it. Hear the vibrations of the voices of the one’s you love. They could be gone tomorrow. Be grateful for it.

Eat with passion!! Savor every bite!! Close your eyes as you chew and swallow. Feel what it does to your mouth and your body. Have joy in it. Cook your food with love in the knowing that it will nourish you and assist you in all the things you do with yourself. Enjoy it.  Be grateful for it.

Read, write, draw, paint, sing, act, walk, run, sleep, talk, LOVE!!

Life is about the little things. Love each tiny little thing you do. Do it with gusto and intensity! Live with care and take note of how it makes you feel. If it doesn’t feel good – STOP! If it feels wondrous – CONTINUE!!

We are creatures of pleasure. We do what feels good. So why not feel good in everything?! If it serves you in health and happiness, then it serves others.

Find a spiritual home. A place in which you can go to for guidance and comfort. Smile to strangers. Let the world know you feel great and teach them how to do it. Your outer surroundings are a reflection of what’s inside you. Have you looked around your house? Have you taken a good look at your possessions and how you treat them? Do you have friends that speak highly of you? How do you speak of other people?

Let the light inside you shine. Be a beacon to others. Show them that life is worth living!! Laugh in the face of challenge and poverty! Adorn a glowing light! Recognize and see the beauty in darkness but refuse to dwell there.

Dream only of your hearts desire. Fulfill what you are aching for.

BE THE SUN IN YOUR OWN UNIVERSE!!!  It’s called “life” for a reason.

Be grateful for it.

leigh mccloskyArt by Leigh J. McCloskey

Erotic Song of the Week.

bruceI’ve decided that I will post an erotic song each week on my blog. Open discussion about the song AND the artist is welcome. These posts will explore the eroticism through music.

A song is simply a poem with a melody added.  And a sexy song is merely an erotic prose with sultry music added. We feel it not only through the lyrics but through our ears and vibration therefore connecting deeper than just by reading something.

Now if only I had the cashola to upgrade my blog so I could add the video to each entry but alas…I do not. I’ll post the lyrics and then add the link to the song for your listening pleasure.

Hopefully, I will inspire you to create a sexy playlist for sweet love makin’.

I posted a mention about Leonard Cohen’s I’m Your Man a while back. I highly recommend you give that one a listen. It’s not only a sensual song about the lengths a man will go to for a lover…but one of my favorite songs ever.

Today I want to feature Bruce Springsteen’s I’m on Fire. Bruce expresses in this haunting song how he “wakes up with the sheets soaking wet and freight train running through the middle of [his] head” and only SHE can cool his desire. The poor lonely man needs to make sweet naked love to put out the burning fire within him. I gladly volunteer!! He tells “the woman” in the song that HE can take her “higher” than her current lover, a.k.a “daddy”, can. Ooooh, Bruce, you naughty boy.

Besides the lyrics, Bruce created the music to feel like it’s night time…making it even sexier. The guitar and drums continue on with the same beat as a heartbeat would…or as a never-ending desire would.

The song is less than 3 minutes ..but I like to put it on repeat to get more of the erotic effect.  How does it make YOU feel??

My 1st Podcast Mention about the Booty.


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3 BOLD, BRAVE and HORNY guys known as Sean, The Operator and Beef decided to create weekly podcasts about the bewildering wonderment of sex that they like to call a Wholesome Addiction.

Of course, I highly condone the website and content. Warning: It’s highly explicit and well…..real. Cuz, you know, that’s just how sex is. I’ve listened to several of the podcasts and can’t help but get a kick out of each one. It’s refreshing to listen to erotic material when one tires of reading.

I am so proud to know that my blog post The Derriere inspired them to do a podcast about the incredible edible ass. Happy to contribute, guys!!

Their 51st podcast is called The Ass Cast. Just click those words. My mention starts at 33 mins and ends at 39 mins. In the beginning they describe a great new sex toy for men! Aaahhh…sometimes I do wish I had a penis…

Thank you, gentlemen. And thank the beloved derriere.


A Man In Love

Every woman should except this kind of love from a man. Our survival depends on it.

I imagine this man to be so captivated, so bewitched by the sheer presence of her.

The essence of her pheromones draws him closer like a salivating dog.

The sound of her voice and laugh resonates a vibration…luring him in as a siren does with her song.

Her energy, her life force, gives him a new found spark. She offers him a reason to live a life completely different than the one he is accustomed to.

She receives his comfort, protection, understanding and pleasure; responding to him in a way no woman ever has.

He witnesses her strength yet feels her vulnerable need for him. He knows he can fulfill her. He knows she is open to him.

She intrigues his mind while challenging him to view the world through feminine eyes.

She listens to his every word, opens her heart to his experience and values his wisdom.

A  man in love is mesmerized by her genuine kindness, her power, her nurturing, her passion.

He longs to smell her, taste her, hold her, kiss all her tears away, fight her battles with her.

He wants to give. He wants to please her. He wants to hear her call out his name. He will do anything to be with her. Her needs will always be met by him. He will move Heaven and Earth to make her happy. He will take his time with her body until her primal passions are unleashed in cries of ecstasy. She will love him for it and devote herself.  And he will love it all the same.

A man’s love in it’s fullness is the greatest gift a woman can receive.

This erotic song describes this love.  I’m Your Man – Leonard Cohen