What is it about a woman’s buttocks that excites men so? I suppose it would only be fair to include women appreciating the bottom as well. How about this? What makes a woman’s rear end so enticing? So inviting? Is it the curves? The separating crevice down the middle that leads to the oh so wonderful and secret place?

Allow me to be real for a second here. We all know what comes out of an ass. So why are human’s so obsessed with it? Could it be because what goes in it or in somewhere near it…is so sexually magnetic that we could care less what comes out of it? A majority a men I have met freely admit that their favorite position is doggy-style. Or a position that allows a woman’s buttocks to be in full view. I asked a man once why he liked it so much.

“It’s like a present. When a woman backs up to you….it’s like Christmas morning, ” he explained.

When I asked for a deeper reason…he could not come up with one. Many men have simply said, “It’s just in our DNA.” And left it at that. In my Human Sexuality class, my instructor showed us pictures of women arching their asses towards the camera, some standing, some on their knees. All of them were in the “ready to receive” position. Come to find out, this actually has a name. Lordosis behavior. This is a primal instinct in all mammals. It gives the message that a female is ready to mate. And this-drives-men-crazy.

I have used this as a weapon in the past. If I’ve ever just wanted a man to shut up and take me…I just bend over, or pull my panties down and fall to the floor on hands and knees. If I want to tempt my lover to come over and devour me…I text him a picture of my ass. Works every time.

Once upon a time, I had the pleasure and privilege to use a strap-on with a woman. The very moment she presented her ass to me…I understood. It really is like a present. The circular curves and soft cushion tantalized me in the most natural way. I was like, “Of course!” It just made sense.

I personally represent women with a lot of extra padding and curves. I haven’t always been so confident about it, as I am now. After so many compliments from men, and of course women, that my ass is one of my best ‘ass’ets (ha, see what I did there?), I simply HAD to start believing them. I discovered that men really do like junk in the trunk. Sir Mix-A-Lot was actually completely serious.

What are YOUR thoughts on the beloved derriere?Image