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In 2007, I attempted to pursue a man through text message. I shall refer to him as “Casey”. I had seen Casey around the local bars and clubs. We shared several mutual friends. He was tall, dark and a little bit handsome. What attracted me the most to him was his ability to be silly and make me laugh. So many brownie points can be earned if a man makes me laugh. We flirted and joked every time we saw each other out and about. He loved giving me hugs with those big, long, strong arms of his. Ahh….he melted me.

So I decided to be my usual bold self and ask for his number finally. He blurted it out immediately as I typed it into my phone. I said it out loud, amongst the loudness of the bar, to confirm I got it right. I left after I hollered, “Ok, see ya, I’ll text you sometime!”

The very next morning I texted him. (some will argue it’s “text” not “texted”. I beg to differ. Texting is an action verb and past tense you add an ‘-ed’. Deal with it. Comment on that if you wish)

Here is how it went:

Me: I think I kinda like you.

Casey: I think I kinda like you too.  (my heart is now racing)

Me: I suppose that means we need to have coffee sometime soon. 🙂

Casey: Most definitely. Call me in about an hour when I get a break and we’ll talk about it.

An hour passes. I call. His voicemail picks up and I hear his voice recording.

                 “Hello, there. You’ve reached Travis. Leave me a message!”

I thought to myself, “Hmmm, that’s funny. Oh, I bet, Travis is first name or he’s just being hilarious as usual.”  I did not leave a message. I simply texted him saying…

Me: Hey, tried to call. Can you talk? Oh and why does your voicemail say your name is Travis?

Casey: Because that’s my name.

Me: Oh..um ok. Well, call me when you can.

He calls. This conversation goes like this:

Me: Hey, how are you?

Casey: I’m good. Just got a break from work.

Me: So I was wondering, is Casey your middle name or first name?

Casey: Um, neither. Why are you asking?

Me: Um. Hold on a minute. So this is not Casey?

Casey: No. Is this Misty?

Me: Ummmm…nooooo. This is Carrie.

Travis: Oh um….uuuh…..

Me: Yeah. Uh ok. I guess I’ve made a mistake then. I got this number from a guy last night.

Travis: Well, sorry, this is Travis.

Me: Alright……well…..I guess I’ll let you go. Have a nice day!

WHAT….THE….HELL…..JUST……HAPPENED???? I was so excited that Casey liked me too and it wasn’t even him!! Not only that…he thought I was some other girl and I’m sure he was getting just as excited as well!! WHAT ARE THE ODDS!!!?????

I had to get to the bottom of this. “Did Casey give me a phony number? Why would he do that? He’s been so freakin nice and flirty with me!” I thought over and over.

I called a mutual friend of ours and told her the situation. She thought it hysterical, of course. She then told me his number. Lo and behold….I got 2 of the digits mixed up. It was my bad.

Soooo….I called the REAL Casey and thought he would get a kick out of the story. He did. He laughed and laughed. So this is when it went sour….

Me: So, anyway, uh Casey, I think I kinda like you. We should meet up maybe.

Casey: Oh, uuhh, ok. Well, I’m not really into the dating thing right now. But I appreciate it! Thanks for letting me know! Maybe I will call you sometime down the road.

(my heart has dropped into my stomach and major disappointment sets in)

Me: Ooh, well ok. I understand. Yes, let’s hang out whenever you’d like. (I said lightly)


Eventually, Casey and I did hang out. A lot. For about 2 months solid we were inseparable. We even slept in his bed together…..and spooned. But he NEVER kissed me. NEVER made a move. He knew I was enamored and he just dangled it in front of me the entire time. It forced our friendship to go quite sour and we did not part on good terms. :::::Sigh::::: Oh well. ‘Tis life.

To this day I still wonder if I should have convinced Travis to meet me for coffee anyway.