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Writing a novel, or any form of story, is not too unlike creating an entity Frankenstein style.

You begin with a thought, an idea. You want to create something – give it a life of it’s own. You’ve made a decision to write and for the most part you know what the core of the story, this creation, will be about. Those thoughts become the entity’s consciousness. Now a glowing ball of energy vibrations lingers in mid air.

The intro or prologue is written, then the 1st chapter. A skull forms around the conscious ball of light. The following chapters are written day in and day out, giving your person a backbone, clavicles, humerus’, radius’, ulnas, carpals, metacarpals and a ribcage.

You now have reached the middle, the heart of your story where the plot really begins to thicken. The heart appears inside the ribcage. You feel it pump, you feel the story begin to write itself. Line by line, beat by beat, arteries, veins, capillaries emerge from the heart and wrap around the bones.

You story continues on with each page….hip bones, femurs, tibias, fibulas grow steadily. Your last few chapters appear on the pages and the ending finalizes the creation of your skeleton with tarsals and metatarsals

1st draft = A consciousness, a heart/circulatory system and a full skeleton.

Ahh, now the work on the 2nd draft can ensue. Time to start using your head. A brain is now needed for the facts. You research to plug in dates, places, details of your characters surroundings and historical information. The nervous system branches out from the brain surrounding the blood vessels. Your entity needs to feel the story, smell the story, taste it, see it and hear it.

Careful placement of conflict in each scene materializes a stomach, pancreas, gall bladder, intestines, a bladder and bowels. Means of digestion of the intensifying plot cannot be overlooked.

You have reached the end once again. The resolutions and conclusions towards the last couple chapters has given your entity reproduction organs to climax with! Ohhh!! It has all come together!!

2nd draft = Brain/Nervous system, digestive and reproductive system.

Alas, the final proofread, spell check, grammar check and last skim for errors creates the muscles, tendons, ligaments, tissue and skin for your newly developed entity to move around in effortlessly.

And finally the last page has been turned over and it can breath. The breath of life in it’s new pair of lungs has expanded.

You can now introduce it to your readers. Upon their meeting, it is up to them to decide if they enjoy it’s company, never want to see it again, want to be BFF’s with it, make sweet love to it, or reject it completely.

The fate of your novel idea is in the hands of the reader to either neglect it and watch it die or give it immortality.