Once upon a time, I was in love with a beautiful woman. This love was forbidden. At times, unrequited. But it pulled me closer and closer. A love that would last for a decade. This is what I wrote for my lover.




standing on the shore. the tide washes over my feet. cleansing the granules of sand off my toes. stepping further into the water coldness chills my legs.the sandy floor scrubs the skin off the bottom of my feet.

the sun is almost done for the day. it lights up the water’s surface with illuminating oranges and yellows as a final gift to the ocean and all it’s contents. the water may look warm but do not be deceived. it is cold and uncomforting. and i am still sinking into the sand.

the sun seems so promising. i stare at the disappearing sun as if it whispers “come to me”. the further i walk towards the sun, the closer i am to drowning. but still, it seems so promising. the chill of the water jolts me, telling me to turn back.

i want your warmth. but all i feel is ice. your promising illusion never delivers.

and yet i will still come back tomorrow…. to do it all over again.

because i love you.