Every woman should except this kind of love from a man. Our survival depends on it.

I imagine this man to be so captivated, so bewitched by the sheer presence of her.

The essence of her pheromones draws him closer like a salivating dog.

The sound of her voice and laugh resonates a vibration…luring him in as a siren does with her song.

Her energy, her life force, gives him a new found spark. She offers him a reason to live a life completely different than the one he is accustomed to.

She receives his comfort, protection, understanding and pleasure; responding to him in a way no woman ever has.

He witnesses her strength yet feels her vulnerable need for him. He knows he can fulfill her. He knows she is open to him.

She intrigues his mind while challenging him to view the world through feminine eyes.

She listens to his every word, opens her heart to his experience and values his wisdom.

A  man in love is mesmerized by her genuine kindness, her power, her nurturing, her passion.

He longs to smell her, taste her, hold her, kiss all her tears away, fight her battles with her.

He wants to give. He wants to please her. He wants to hear her call out his name. He will do anything to be with her. Her needs will always be met by him. He will move Heaven and Earth to make her happy. He will take his time with her body until her primal passions are unleashed in cries of ecstasy. She will love him for it and devote herself.  And he will love it all the same.

A man’s love in it’s fullness is the greatest gift a woman can receive.

This erotic song describes this love.  I’m Your Man – Leonard Cohen