bruceI’ve decided that I will post an erotic song each week on my blog. Open discussion about the song AND the artist is welcome. These posts will explore the eroticism through music.

A song is simply a poem with a melody added.  And a sexy song is merely an erotic prose with sultry music added. We feel it not only through the lyrics but through our ears and vibration therefore connecting deeper than just by reading something.

Now if only I had the cashola to upgrade my blog so I could add the video to each entry but alas…I do not. I’ll post the lyrics and then add the link to the song for your listening pleasure.

Hopefully, I will inspire you to create a sexy playlist for sweet love makin’.

I posted a mention about Leonard Cohen’s I’m Your Man a while back. I highly recommend you give that one a listen. It’s not only a sensual song about the lengths a man will go to for a lover…but one of my favorite songs ever.

Today I want to feature Bruce Springsteen’s I’m on Fire. Bruce expresses in this haunting song how he “wakes up with the sheets soaking wet and freight train running through the middle of [his] head” and only SHE can cool his desire. The poor lonely man needs to make sweet naked love to put out the burning fire within him. I gladly volunteer!! He tells “the woman” in the song that HE can take her “higher” than her current lover, a.k.a “daddy”, can. Ooooh, Bruce, you naughty boy.

Besides the lyrics, Bruce created the music to feel like it’s night time…making it even sexier. The guitar and drums continue on with the same beat as a heartbeat would…or as a never-ending desire would.

The song is less than 3 minutes ..but I like to put it on repeat to get more of the erotic effect.  How does it make YOU feel??