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3 BOLD, BRAVE and HORNY guys known as Sean, The Operator and Beef decided to create weekly podcasts about the bewildering wonderment of sex that they like to call a Wholesome Addiction.

Of course, I highly condone the website and content. Warning: It’s highly explicit and well…..real. Cuz, you know, that’s just how sex is. I’ve listened to several of the podcasts and can’t help but get a kick out of each one. It’s refreshing to listen to erotic material when one tires of reading.

I am so proud to know that my blog post The Derriere inspired them to do a podcast about the incredible edible ass. Happy to contribute, guys!!

Their 51st podcast is called The Ass Cast. Just click those words. My mention starts at 33 mins and ends at 39 mins. In the beginning they describe a great new sex toy for men! Aaahhh…sometimes I do wish I had a penis…

Thank you, gentlemen. And thank the beloved derriere.