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Life should be erotic. Life should be a sensual experience. Not just when having sex but each day can be a delight. Because why not? What else are we here for?

We wake up in the morning and drink our coffee. Let the aroma and taste of the coffee beans mixed with cream liven your senses. Feel the yumminess on your taste buds and let it’s soothing decadence slide down your throat. Be grateful for it.

We take our showers and baths daily. Allow yourself to take notice of the water on your naked skin. Feel your skin…how it awakens the electrical impulses between your body and your fingertips. The epidermis is the largest organ on your body. It senses, it communicates with your brain. Apply lotion or oil after you dry off. Be good to it…it’s the only skin you’ll ever have. Treat yourself to a massage! Humans need contact with other humans. Kiss and hug your loved ones. Give them affection and in turn receive affection. Love your body. Be grateful for it.

Get some fresh air. Inhale and exhale with a deep awareness that you are alive and your lungs work only to serve you. The blood needs oxygen. Give your cells what they need. Listen to the trees and leaves sway in the wind. Hear the sounds of the birds, the dogs in the distance, the voices of passerbys, even the tires of the cars that pass. Tune in to what’s around you. The world is a living presence. Be in it. Hear the vibrations of the voices of the one’s you love. They could be gone tomorrow. Be grateful for it.

Eat with passion!! Savor every bite!! Close your eyes as you chew and swallow. Feel what it does to your mouth and your body. Have joy in it. Cook your food with love in the knowing that it will nourish you and assist you in all the things you do with yourself. Enjoy it.  Be grateful for it.

Read, write, draw, paint, sing, act, walk, run, sleep, talk, LOVE!!

Life is about the little things. Love each tiny little thing you do. Do it with gusto and intensity! Live with care and take note of how it makes you feel. If it doesn’t feel good – STOP! If it feels wondrous – CONTINUE!!

We are creatures of pleasure. We do what feels good. So why not feel good in everything?! If it serves you in health and happiness, then it serves others.

Find a spiritual home. A place in which you can go to for guidance and comfort. Smile to strangers. Let the world know you feel great and teach them how to do it. Your outer surroundings are a reflection of what’s inside you. Have you looked around your house? Have you taken a good look at your possessions and how you treat them? Do you have friends that speak highly of you? How do you speak of other people?

Let the light inside you shine. Be a beacon to others. Show them that life is worth living!! Laugh in the face of challenge and poverty! Adorn a glowing light! Recognize and see the beauty in darkness but refuse to dwell there.

Dream only of your hearts desire. Fulfill what you are aching for.

BE THE SUN IN YOUR OWN UNIVERSE!!!  It’s called “life” for a reason.

Be grateful for it.

leigh mccloskyArt by Leigh J. McCloskey