My dear readers,

I have already shared with you 2 sensual songs by men, Bruce Springsteen and Leonard Cohen. Now allow me to introduce to you my Goddess. A Goddess of Song.

~~~Lisa Gerrard~~~

lisa gerrard

Many of you have already heard her voice and don’t even know it.

In 1981, she collaborated with Brenden Perry and formed the world music group Dead Can Dance. Together they created albums ranging in sounds from African, Middle Eastern, Gaelic, Gregorian, etc. They have sung in several different languages and use instruments from bones and skin of animals and performing songs that have been long forgotten. Hence, the name – Dead Can Dance.

Lisa went on to sing and compose scores. You have heard her voice in films like:

Heat, The Insider, Gladiator (in which she won a Golden Globe), Whale Rider (a personal favorite), Mission: Impossible II, Ali, Tears of the Sun, The Mist, Man on Fire and many others. She has worked with the Oscar nominated composer Hans Zimmer on several fims.

You would never guess a voice like hers could come from a gentle, soft spoken woman such as herself. Her range is out of this world, angelic and heavenly. She can use her lower register and her highest…leaving you in wonder that that is in fact the same woman singing all those different songs.

My favorite song of hers  – Sanvean: I am your shadow –  released in 1994. This song is popular for it’s solemn and melancholy sound. It has been used by many for funerals and weddings..and has also been inserted into several film soundtracks. In 2001, Sarah Brightman recorded her own version of the song. To me this song is erotic, sensual, full of love and power. I cry almost every time I hear it. The emotion of this song can be interepreted in so many ways. I like turning off the lights, lighting a candle and turning up the volume as loud as I can. My fantasy is to make love to this song on repeat…one day I hope to fullfill that.

You may wonder what language she is speaking. The answer is….hers. Lisa is known to sing in her own form, her own shapes, her soul is crying out and this is what it sounds like…..

   ~~~~Lisa Gerrard~~~~Sanvean: I am your shadow~~~~