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You touch my shoulder as a gentleman should, guiding me to my seat.

The chivalry you demonstrate makes my heart skip a beat.

You ask me if I’d like a glass of wine to drink.

I say, “No, thank you, I need my mind to properly think.”

You smile at me, listen to me, your attentiveness belongs to me.

I stumble with words and pause akwardly, though eloquent I know I can be.

My giggles and loud laughter is what you are truly after.

I let go and laugh at your silliness; my interest you capture.

This night of dinner and banter effortlessly carries on.

What we don’t know is that in a few hours it will be dawn.

Your newly purchased candles have melted down and you look at the time.

I smile at your reaction and assure you it is more than fine.

The man that you are has generously offered his bed.

While you sleep on your couch to toss and turn instead.

If you only knew how much I have fallen for you after these several hours.

You might offer me your confession of desire that enchantment empowers.

Although, we have barely just met and unveiled our mystery.

We both know this will last due to our undeniable chemistry.

Breakfast has passed and I thank you for your hospitality.

Your gratitude for my company exudes your masculinity.

You walk me to my car with not a word to say.

I turn to see the look in your eyes are begging me to stay. 

I reach out and embrace you like I’ve wanted since the day we met. 

You pull back and kiss me so passionately, so wet.

Our kiss lasts forever it seems

You taste like the man of my dreams

Before we know it we are back in your home

Making love like animals is our true and obvious comfort zone.

Days pass and the weeks fly by.

I am your woman and you are my guy.

Our connection is strong and the romance is growing. 

Our dreams of companionship, intimacy and love is our knowing. 

It is in this poem that I have created you; this perfect man of mine.

For in my heart I believe and trust I’ll manifest you very soon in time.

angel love